Tron is an arcade video game that was developed and distributed in the year 1982 by Bally Midway. Over the years, this coin-operated game has gained widespread popularity among fans. The game is actually based on the motion picture Tron that was released by Walt Disney Productions in 1982. The game also has 4 sub-games that are inspired by the various events of the hit science fiction movie. It features certain characters and equipments that were seen in the movie, such as the battle tanks, Light Cycles and the Input-Output Tower. The game Tron earned more revenue than the movie earned in its initial release.

In the next year, Bally Midway released a sequel to the original arcade game called Discs of Tron. This new game was actually inspired by a disc throwing fight sequence that was shown in the movie. A second sequel was released in 2003 along with a computer game named Tron 2.0. The game was published for the Xbox Live Arcade on 10th January, 2008. This Xbox version was branded by the Disney Interactive and ported from the Digital Eclipse.

Tron Image The arcade game is briefly shown on the Tron: Legacy film released in 2010. However, in the movie the game is shown to be developed and distributed by ENCOM International, and not Bally Midway.

Tron arcade cabinet

The game of Tron was available in 4 types of cabinets; namely, the mini upright, standard upright, the cocktail version as well as a sit-down enclosed cabinet. The standard upright cabinet is developed as a tie-in for the film. This cabinet has a few special features, such as painted on fluorescent lines and blacklights, which resemble the red, blue, etc. circuit lines that were shown in the movie. The lines glow in an arcade or a darkened room.

All of the cabinets are comprised of an 8-way joystick that can be used for navigation. A button serves the functions for speed control and firing. There is also a rotary dial that lets the player control the fire's direction. Tron is generally played by a single player or in some cases by 2 alternating players as controls of the game only allow for 1 player at a given time.

Gameplay of Tron

The player needs to complete 4 subgames each of twelve increasingly difficult levels. The levels are named after computer programming languages, such as "BASIC","FORTRAN","PASCAL" and "JCL". All of the 4 segments of a level have to be completed before the player can move onto the next level.

Input/Output Tower

This section of the game imitates Tron's pursuit to get access to the Input/Output tower as shown in the movie. The Tron arcade game requires the player to demolish numerous Grid Bugs using Tron's disc and then clear the road to the flashing circle that has to be entered before the timer runs out.

MCP Cone

The MCP Cone mimics Tron's final combat against MCP. The player has to destroy a multicolored wall to enter the MCP cone. The completion of the level earns the player a 1000 bonus points. Another 1000 points can be earned by destroying all the blocks of the multicolored wall.