Stargate is a popular arcade video game first released in the year 1981, by American electronic gaming company Williams Electronics. Eugene Jarvis created this game as a sequel to "Defender", the 1980 video game. Stargate was also the first game to be produced by Vid Kidz, the independent development house established by Larry DeMar and Jarvis. Vid Kidz produced only three games including Stargate in total. This video game is not connected to the Stargate franchise that first began in the year 1994.

Stargate Image

Stargate Gameplay

In this game, the player has to take control of a small spaceship and fly it over a mountainous landscape where there are some humanoid habitations. The player has two main tasks: destroying all the alien ships and protecting the humanoids from being captivated.

The spaceship is armed with various guns and bombs including a laser beam-like weapon that can be continuously used to destroy the alien ships. The player is also equipped with a limited amount of smart bombs. These bombs are able to destroy all the enemies that are visible on the screen at once. "Inviso" cloaking energy is another useful tool that can be used for making the ship invisible for a certain amount of time. This allows the player to destroy all the enemy ships that comes in touch with his or her spaceship. The radar-like scanner located at the screen's top displays the locations of the humanoids and the aliens on the landscape. The player earns an extra life, Inviso energy and smart bomb every time he or she scores 10,000 points.


The game has fifteen different aliens:

Lander: These are the main enemies present in all the levels of the game. The Landers try to capture the humanoids and drag them to the screen's top. If a Lander succeeds is taking the human, they fuse together at the screen's top to form a more deadly mutant.

Mutant: These are the mutated forms of a Lander and a human. The fast sand erratic movements of the Mutants make it very difficult for the player to shoot them.

Baiter: Baiters are flat, iridescent spacecrafts that teleport in the game if the player takes too much time for completing a level. These spacecrafts continuously fire missiles at the player's spacecraft while trying to match its speed.

Bomber: The box-shaped aliens in the game are known as Bombers. They lay stationary mines in air.

Pod: The Pods are star-shaped aliens that burst into numerous Swarmers when shot.

Swarmer: Swarmers are very small teardrop-shaped aliens that are very difficult to shoot due to their quick undulating movement.

Firebomber: Another type of alien that attacks the player with high speed Fireballs.

Yllabian Space Guppie: These undulating aliens attack the player's spacecraft in swarms.

Phreds and Big Reds: These square-shaped aliens open and close their mouths continuously while launching miniature versions of themselves known as "Munchies".

Dynamos: Diamond-shaped ships comprised of numerous Space Hums that break off at regular intervals to assault the ship independently.

The player has to destroy all the aliens, except Baiters, Space Hums, Big Reds, Phreds and Munchies, in order to advance to the next stage.