Star Wars

The Star Wars is a popular arcade game that was developed and released by Atari Inc. in 1983. It is a 1st person space simulation game that simulates the attack on Death Star from last act of the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It is comprised of 3D colored vector graphics.

Gameplay of Star Wars

The player takes on Luke Skywalker's role as "Red Five" and flies an X-wing fighter plane from first- person perspective. Unlike many other similar arcade games, the player is not required to destroy all the enemies in order to progress through this game. The player should simply survive the attacks from the opponent side and navigate his fighter through the level. During his flight, he will have to destroy or avoid the enemy shots. The player begins the game with 6 shields. He loses one shield every time his craft is hit by an opponent's shot. The game gets over if he takes another hit after running out of shields.

The ultimate goal of the player is to demolish the Death Star over 3 attacking phases.

  • The player begins the 1st phase of the Star Wars game by journeying in the outer space above Death Star. In this stage he will also have to confront Darth Vader and the enemy TIE fighters.
  • The 2nd phase begins with the 2nd wave. In this stage, the player can reach the surface of Death Star as the laser turrets on the towers begin to attack him. The player will be able to acquire numerous bonus points if he can destroy all the towers.
  • In the 3rd and last phase, the player speeds through the Death Star trench while avoiding various obstacles and blasting the gun turrets. The mission is to hit the exhaust port directly with a fired proton torpedo. If the player becomes successful in doing so, the Death Star explodes and displays multiple colors. The destruction of Death Star also awards the player one bonus shield. If the player can demolish the Death Star by only firing at the exhaust port and not anything else, he will receive numerous bonus points for believing in and "using the force".
Star Wars Photo

Each of the successive Death Star runs increases the difficulty to a great extent. The TIE Fighters shoot with more frequency. The number of Laser towers increase in the 2nd round. There are a lot of laser firing and other obstacles during trench run. The enemy units shoot laser-like beams in the movie, which have been replaced by fireball-like projectiles in the game. This gives the player an opportunity to destroy the shots fired by the opponent side.

Details of the Star Wars Arcade Game

The Star Wars Arcade Game is accessible as elaborately decorated sit-down cockpit version or an upright version. The controls include a yoke control with four buttons. Its operation is similar to the steering wheel. Twisting it left and right provides combined yaw and roll; twisting it backwards and forwards using the side control offers pitch. The four buttons consist of two in-position buttons that can be pressed by thumb and two other buttons that operate as triggers.