Battlezone is a well-known arcade game developed and published by Atari in November 1980. The game uses vector graphics instead of raster graphics to create a wireframe view on a horizontally- placed black and white vector monitor. The display is also overlaid by red and green sectioned color. Due to the innovative look of the game and its challenging gameplay, the game was highly popular for several years.

Battlezone Gameplay

The game takes place on a plain area covered by high mountains on the horizon. It also features an erupting volcano, a distant crescent moon and numerous geometric solids such as blocks and pyramids in vector outline. The player can view the screen from an overhead radar. This helps the player to locate and destroy the slower tanks as well as the fast moving supertanks. Guided missiles and UFOs shaped like saucers occasionally make appearances to present the player some bonus opportunities. The saucers are different from the tanks as they are not visible on the radar and do not attack the player. The player can choose to hide behind the solid structures or move in rapid motions once the opposition has fired on in order to buy some time that he can use to fire himself. A common game of Battlezone in the US can run for something around 25 cents to 1 dollar for a game, and may vary depending on the machine settings. The machine setting that is most commonly used is for 25 cents per game with the usage of three tanks.

Battlezone Image It is simple to score points in Battlezone. Demolishing the standard enemy tanks are worth 1000 points; destroying a supertank can get the player 3000 points and flying saucers are worth 5000 points each. Destroying the guided missile gets the player 2000 points. The player can destroy all these targets with one single shot from his or her tank. When the player's personal score reaches the 15000 points mark, he or she is awarded with a bonus tank, or a bonus "man" or "life". Another additional tank is awarded when the player earns 100000 points. After that no more tanks are awarded as long as the player's score goes over ten million. At this point of time, the machine starts to consider the score to be theoretically "zero" and awards additional bonus tanks at the indicated points of 15000 and 100000. At any given point in the game, the player will have to battle against only one hostile enemy. This means that the player will never be attacked by 2 enemy tanks or a guided missile and a tank at the same time. The UFO can sometimes appear on the playing screen along with the enemy tank. Sometimes the UFO can also be demolished by enemy fire.

The solid geometric substances are indestructible and can obstruct the smooth movement of the player's tank. However, these geometric blocks also protect the player's tank by acting as shields and blocking enemy fire.

The music heard during the high-score initials prompt is taken from the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky.

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